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Fast & the Furious franchise set to end at 10!

by on April 23, 2017

Let me preface this story with telling you first that I have yet to see Fast and the Furious 8 aka F8te of the Furious. While this article will touch upon notable “NEWS” or rumors that involve the most recent film rest assured there are NO real SPOILERS here. There is one rumor mentioned later in this post which is has highly circulated, but will not ruin anything.

This movie comes of course after a (deservedly so) lengthy delay due to the tragic death of Paul Walker in 2013. A vast majority of people believed that this franchise should of ended with that film. With some truly stand out performances and action sequences throughout the film (7) the demand for the Fast was far too Furious and this sequel (8) was greenlit even in the shadow of one of its main players real life death.

The Fate of the Furious‘ worldwide box office gross currently stands at $685,452,670. Financially, it appears it was a good idea to continue!

So, back to why I have yet to see it. It has not been for a lack of wanting to see it, it’s more of a timing issue. In the life of a parent; one of less than one year old does not always allow me to do, what you want to do; when you want to do it. It would also be worth mentioning that babies do need all sorts of attention from others, so they don’t cry and fuss and be an all around pain in the ass (as you would expect a baby to be).

Which brings us to the first real chunk of F&F news that the franchise is officially going to retire at 10. Universal just released this picture to hype this finale train up.

Which brought on my reaction…

Yeah, get your tissues out.

I mean come on…yes, the last one (7) was very entertaining and this one obviously has a superstar draw with the Rock and Transporter (more on that in a minute), plus a villain in Charlize Theron!!! I was sold before it arrived. If you have ever listened to the Frak podcast then you know right along with Kate and Scarlett, Charlize is the warmth of my loins… she is pretty awesome in all of her own rights.

YUP, i said that.

I am eventually going to see this, yet now there is no more urgency with the news of two more movies? What more can you possibly do with these guys and cars? Heists? Done them. High speed chases? Done them? Kicking a torpedo on ice, off of a car?!? Done that too! So, can these guys must be scraping the barrell with ideas, right? Are there any ideas really left for this group to do?

Here are some quick predictions for 9 & 10.

It has been an unfortunate spoiler-ish rumor/some say leak, that Han is to return in 9!?  We touched on this in our most recent podcast #26, but in short..he is supposed to be dead, so? So there is that.

I expect Luda and Tyrese to be the ones most likely to get offed before the end of this run.

The most expendable ones more so then already mentioned are the impending deaths of one if not both of the latino connection:Tego and Don Omar. I don’t think these guys had more than 5 minutes of screen time in 6.

I do expect the return of Gal Gadot’s character ‘Gisele’, because let’s face it folks; we never saw a body after she fell into the night off the back of that plane in movie #5. She was a kick-ass motorcycle driving, femme fatale that surely after the rise or fall of the Wonder Woman franchise is destined to make a comeback before the end of this finale.

The other big Fast news this past week is the very highly and close to no longer being a rumor spin-off featuring the Rock and the Transporter himself Jason Statham.

So all of that mention earlier about babies needing love and attention then liken that all of the hoopla surrounding Vin acting like a big baby all throughout the making of this movie. He did not get what he felt was the proper love and attention and acted like a big ass baby according to multiple news sources. Bad blood had been brewing since the first appearance of the Rock in #5 since you know he was kind of a show stopping, scene stealer of immense and awesome proportions. Vin didn’t like that. There are a couple of good gossipy reads on TMZ.com including a day old video surfacing of Vin claiming he could, and would, whoop the Rock’s ass in real life. There are some other articles which may lead into #9 and I am too trying to avoid spoilers.

Apparently there was supposed to be a post-credit scene that was to occur that would be the catalyst for a spin-off with these two characters. Vin was apparently so upset with the Rock he used his (hah!) star power to have it pulled and it is now rumored to be part of the DVD release. I am really surprised that Vin even has any pull anymore, anyone can or could be Groot’s voice, XXX- Xander Cage is a floptastic bomb, and while the Riddick character is cool when was the last time we got a awesome Riddick movie? Come now, we are talking the Rock here. This is currently the most popular and highest paid actor in the industry right now. It is totally safe to go #Team Rock on this one.

Vin Diesel kind of sucks…his track record of movies in the last 10 years is nothing compared to the Rock’s past two years. For the record I will say the Last Witch Hunter wasn’t terrible. Well not too terrible.

The big, and possibly right move, to do (especially based upon the tone of the current trailer for Fast 8) they should just kill off Dominick Turetto character (let him have knocked up Letty, if needed) but he has got to go. He does seems to have somewhat of toxic work ethic.

Well there is always money to made back on the street if needed…you got to “Push it to pop it” and get back to the Top, Vin!

And if dancing does not pay the bills proper anymore, I am sure you could give Vinnie Mac a call and he could arrange something.

You will eventually get a review….

P.S. Mike saw the movie and will talk about it on the podcast this coming Friday.