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Competitive multiplayer game, Deformers, due out next week

by on April 12, 2017

While we try to bring you the best news on all the latest and greatest games, we also feel the need the need to pepper in some other games. That’s not to say that games in this “category” are less important or not as “great,” they are just lesser known titles that could use a little TLC.

Next week, Ready at Dawn (developers of The Order: 1886 – you know, the game that forgot the ending – and a few Vita titles like God of War and Daxter) will release its digital only game, Deformers.

Deformers is a competitive multiplayer, aka PVP (player vs player), battleground game. Players use different characters that look like little blobs of pancakes, jelly, burgers and more, that also have abilities, some light weapons and whose goal is to knock your competitors off the board. It’s like really cute sumo wrestling, with some minor weapon/power up action.

The game sells for only $29.99, on select digital platforms, like XBOX, PS4 and PC, or you can buy it via GameStop, also digitally. There will also be a collector’s edition for $39.99 that comes with stuff like a soundtrack (?!?) four (vinyl) figures, some stickers and a steelbook case. Not sure any of that really merits buying or is even needed, but to each their own.

There’s also an incentive to pre-order and play at release. For players who play the game during the first week, they unlock four additional characters for free, in what’s being touted as the “Founder’s Pack.”

Enjoy the product description and trailer below.

Ready at Dawn’s previous titles were dark and brooding, but De-Formers features a world that is almost frantically beautiful. Bright, pastel colors and whimsical backgrounds create a battlefield ripe for mayhem.

Instead of vicious monsters, players enter the field as Forms, which are small creatures who have to roll or flop around the field. The game is fast-paced, chaotic, and infinitely fun. Each Form has a unique personality, letting you choose the playstyle that fits you best.

Squash, push, or throw your enemies off the edge to increase the size of your form and gain new abilities. For an additional challenge, you can enable Tilt mode, which causes the battlefield to shift beneath you. Wait too long and you’ll fall off the edge of the world.

  • Multiplayer Mayhem: Face off with up to 3 other players in split screen mode, or play online in battles with up to 8 Forms.

  • Grow Your Form: When you defeat enemies, they’ll drop goo that you can absorb and use to power up, grow, or refill your ammunition.

  • Creative Destruction: Power-ups, like the ultimate Rampage ability, allow your Form to wreak havoc on your opponents.