Marvel vs Capcom Infinite – The Capcom side

by Tom Whiteon October 1, 2017
“Where’s Akuma?” That was my initial reaction to hearing about Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. So far, I’m enjoying it and not listening to the thousands of people complaining about the graphics or the complete lack of anything in the “Fox Movie” Marvel Universe. Jsun’s got you covered on all those “comic book” characters sides, that […]

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite- The Marvel Side

by Jsunon October 1, 2017
Dude, this game kinda sucks yet still kinda rocks. This should be the slogan or marketing campaign for this most recent version of Marvel vs Capcom dubbed the Infinite, version which released to a few weeks with a lackluster pop and fizzle….surprisingly yet not surprisingly; this is Capcom…we should know how they do. This franchise […]

Sex sells and this time its free!

by Tom Whiteon August 1, 2017
Xbox Games with Gold has always been a mixed bag, and we have no right to complain about our free games. This month though for absolutely zero of your hard-earned dollars you are getting a gift. A gift that you must be at least mildly insane not to pick up. It has witches and guns. […]

Tekken 7 – Can Akuma make Namco King Of The Hill?

by Tom Whiteon June 4, 2017
First things first. I’m a Street Fighter player. Love Street Fighter. I have an Akuma tattoo on my back. So, when it got revealed that Akuma would be landing in Tekken 7 I was excited. I dabbled in Tekken over the years. Tekken 2 and 3 were my favorites. Tekken Tag was my ps2 launch […]

Editorial: Halo 5 what a piece of $H@(! – !!Warning Adult Language!!

by Mike Wewerkaon April 12, 2017
Allow me to preface this editorial with a little history. I worked at EB Games, now Gamestop, during college with Jsun, which is how we met and thus became friends and now some 15+ years later we are doing a podcast and this website. But I digress. While at EB, I was fortunate enough to […]

Video: Final Review of the SCUF IMPACT and Infinity 4PS Pro Controllers, also WIN ONE!

by Mike Wewerkaon April 8, 2017
As promised, here is the final, video review of the SCUF IMPACT and Infinity 4PS Pro Controllers. Over the past several days, I’ve spent some quality time both both controllers, playing games like Titanfall 2 (Yeah, I know, I forgot to record audio) Overwatch*, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered and even Disc […]

Video: SCUF IMPACT and Infinity 4PS PRO Hands on

by Mike Wewerkaon April 6, 2017
Well, it’s a little later than promised, but it’s here nonetheless. Below is our unboxing of the brand new SCUF IMPACT and Infinity 4PS Pro controllers that we reported on this morning. While this is an unboxing, I do go over some of the cool features of the SCUF controllers and why they are considered the […]

Review: Drawn to Death for PS4

by Mike Wewerkaon April 5, 2017
WARNING: This review contains some fucking language that some readers may find offensive. Last night I had the displeasure of downloading and playing the latest title from God of War and Twisted Metal Black director, David Jaffe. Drawn to Death is a third-person “arena” shooter that fails in almost every single category, with the exception […]

SCUF Gaming announces new IMPACT and INFINITY 4PS PRO Controllers

by Mike Wewerkaon April 5, 2017
If you’ve listened the podcast in the past, you may have heard me talk about one of my favorite gaming products, my SCUF gaming controllers. Since I discovered SCUF, about a year or so ago, I was always intrigued by what their controllers could do for gamers. I had seen popular YouTubers like Ali-A using […]

Early Impressions of Horizon Zero Dawn

by Mike Wewerkaon April 1, 2017
Reposted from our facebook page. Originally Posted on 2.28. Early, spoiler-free impressions (not a review) of Horizon Zero Dawn. Ok, so when the first visuals pop on the screen, my initial statement was WOW. Seriously, that was the first word out of my mouth. Then I got to see some of the characters, like Rost, […]