Matter of Frak Ep.10- 60 Billion dollars!

by Jsunon December 12, 2017
Welcome back! We got you a cosmic serving of awesome on this one as we are joined by Frak alumni Marcus & Freddy.     On this episode we cover the following Net Neutrality w/words from the Flying Dutchman-2:15 Ryan Reynolds new side gig Disney & Fox’s 60 Billion dollar deal that is in the works-10:26 […]

Matter of Frak Episode 7- Stranger Things 2 Season Recap (The Winston)

by Jsunon November 7, 2017
          Wow! What a follow up season! So many different emotions, where can one even try to begin? It was only 9 episodes and most of them knocked it right out of the park. The cast, the story, the loose ends, soundtrack, and of course Easter eggs(s) galore are all jam […]

Matter of Frak Episode 3- Raging Elephants

by Jsunon September 6, 2017
Join, J and Mike as they welcome GameZone’s own Cade Onder for a MoF debut. In this episode, we cover a plethora of topics and some of those lead to some fairly heated discussion and debates throughout the show. Some of the items covered are as follows: DCEU and the woes of Batman, the misfortune […]

Review: Game of Thrones – Season 7, Episode 1 – SPOILERS

by Mike Wewerkaon July 17, 2017
Winter has come. For six straight seasons, we’ve heard the words, winter is coming. Even Sean Bean’s (SPOILER) decapitated Eddard “Ned” Stark told us viewers that winter was coming in the first episode that aired way back in 2011. But just as everything comes to a head, the arguments, the battles, and the war that […]

Agents of Shield-Agents of Hydra

by Jsunon April 10, 2017
Season 4 episode 14- What If ABC’s Agents of Shield, remember that show? Well guess what, it is still on the air and boy is it good! I know, I know, just hear me out for a minute though… You see, most people I believe checked out of this show about two seasons ago. Mainly […]

Prison Break the Return- Season 5 premiere: Ogygia

by Jsunon April 10, 2017
Wentworth Miller/Michael Scofield & Dominick Purcell/Lincoln Burrows, unexpectedly return after 8 years for Prison Break (technically season 5) the sequel. This appears to be a one-shot 9 episode run which should be all wrapped up by this May. Whaaat!? You are probably thinking, “How the hell are they back if Michael died at the ending […]

Legends of Tomorrow- Season 2 Finale Spoiler filled review

by Jsunon April 7, 2017
So here it is, the season two finale of {L.O.T.}. It is somewhat fitting that one of the first reviews written for a CW show by the Frak, it is the one show that is probably ignored by the masses the most in the CW’ and DC comics third entry into their respective Arrowverse. This show […]

The Walking Dead Season 7 Poo-nale!

by Jsunon April 3, 2017
Well last night marked the end of the 7th season (and without question) the WORST season of this show created thus far. One of the survivors didn’t quite make it back to Alexandria in the same condition as to when she left and when it was all said in done (in the mega-sized extended episode […]