Netflix reveals trailer for Anime version of Castlevania

by Mike Wewerkaon May 25, 2017
A few months ago Netflix announced that it was producing a new animated show on the cult favorite video game series, Castlevania. Yesterday, the company revealed the first trailer the anime-inspired series from producer Adi Shankar (Dredd, The Grey). It’s being written by Warren Ellis ( writer of the Justice League Unlimited show and the Dead […]

New Game of Thrones Season 7 Promo gives us the best look yet

by Mike Wewerkaon May 24, 2017
So the official twitter account for Game of Thrones just posted the video below, the newest most detailed look at Season 7. I’ll just leave it right here and you all and comment on it. The great war begins 7.16. Rally the realm. Share the official #GameofThrones Season 7 trailer. #GoTS7 — Game Of Thrones […]

A Witcher TV show is coming to Netflix, can I get a hell yeah!

by Mike Wewerkaon May 17, 2017
Looks like Netflix may have the next Game of Thrones on its hands, minus the dragons. Yes folks, the Witcher is coming to Netflix. Nudity, check, language, check, violence, double check. Bad ass men and women with armor and swords? Check, check and check. The new broke today, via a press release by Platige Image, […]

Video: Marvel and Netflix release The Defenders Trailer

by Mike Wewerkaon May 3, 2017
Man oh man, today is a good day for fans of sci-fi and comics. Not only did we get a trailer for the new Dark Tower film, but we also have the official full-length trailer for the upcoming Defenders show on Netflix. For those of you who’ve been living under a rock with a starfish […]

Charlie Murphy passes away at 57

by Jsunon April 12, 2017
A sad day today as news just broke that Charlie Murphy, older brother of comedy icon Eddie Murphy passed away Wednesday morning in a NYC hospital of leukemia. According to TMZ, family members were in absolute shock for they thought Charlie was on the mend. Charlie Murphy’s name became synonymous with sketch comedy after his […]

Agents of Shield-Agents of Hydra

by Jsunon April 10, 2017
Season 4 episode 14- What If ABC’s Agents of Shield, remember that show? Well guess what, it is still on the air and boy is it good! I know, I know, just hear me out for a minute though… You see, most people I believe checked out of this show about two seasons ago. Mainly […]

Prison Break the Return- Season 5 premiere: Ogygia

by Jsunon April 10, 2017
Wentworth Miller/Michael Scofield & Dominick Purcell/Lincoln Burrows, unexpectedly return after 8 years for Prison Break (technically season 5) the sequel. This appears to be a one-shot 9 episode run which should be all wrapped up by this May. Whaaat!? You are probably thinking, “How the hell are they back if Michael died at the ending […]

Legends of Tomorrow- Season 2 Finale Spoiler filled review

by Jsunon April 7, 2017
So here it is, the season two finale of {L.O.T.}. It is somewhat fitting that one of the first reviews written for a CW show by the Frak, it is the one show that is probably ignored by the masses the most in the CW’ and DC comics third entry into their respective Arrowverse. This show […]

Legendary Comedian Don Rickles has passed away at 90

by Mike Wewerkaon April 7, 2017
While we at Go Frak Yourself are predominantly known for our video game coverage, our site and podcast also covers Movies, TV, and other topics, so it’s only fitting that we talk about the passing of Don Rickles, the greatest insult comic to walk this earth. Mr. Rickles passed away due to kidney failure, he […]

Invader Zim is returning

by Jsunon April 4, 2017
Invader Zim is back (well soon to be), in a new 90 minute TV movie. In the vein of resurrecting the best cartoons from our pasts (Voltron, Samurai Jack, Powerpuff, etc) Nickelodeon will be bringing back everyone’s favorite “takeover the world” cartoon icon since Brain and Marvin the Martian. According to various news sources all of the […]