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Blizzard reveals newest Overwatch character, Doomfist and he’s live on the PTR

by on July 6, 2017

The character that has been teased the longest, the one that all Overwatch fans believed would arrive on the game’s anniversary… has finally arrived. Doomfist, the legendary fighter whose fist had the ability to send shockwaves when he made contact with just about anything, is live on Blizzard’s public test realm for Overwatch right now. But before you head off, check out the cool anime inspired video giving players an idea of what to expect from the newest character.


He certainly seems like an imposing threat, especially when he’s teamed up with Reaper, Widowmaker and Sombra. As for in game, Doomfist is an offensive character, in the same vein as Soldier 76, Tracer, Pharah and the others. As for skills, it seems as though he is more an impact player, using a hand cannon, which I believe shoot bullets or lasers or something, out of his knuckles and a rocket punch, with the big arm. Blizzard gave fans this official description:

“Doomfist’s cybernetics make him a highly-mobile, powerful frontline fighter. In addition to dealing ranged damage with his Hand Cannon, Doomfist can slam the ground, knock enemies into the air and off balance, or charge into the fray with his Rocket Punch. When facing a tightly packed group, Doomfist leaps out of view, then crashes down to earth with a spectacular Meteor Strike.”

As for the voice, well, it doesn’t appear that Terry Crews got the role. While we saw pictures of the man at the Blizzard HQ and we’ve seen him teasing the role for months it doesn’t appear, at least according to the video above, that Crews is Doomfist. Unless the narrator in that video isn’t Doomfist speaking and it is someone else entirely, it looks as though fans are going to be disappointed with Blizzard’s choice of casting. Here’s hoping the character himself lives up to the hype.

Just an FYI, when characters hit the public test realm, they are typically tested for about two weeks, so that’s when we should expect Doomfist to arrive on Xbox, PS4 and the typical PC servers. His release may coincide with the rumored Summer event that’s rumored to drop soon too.