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Blizzard releases all Doomfist skins, emotes and voice lines on Overwatch PTR

by on July 13, 2017

Yesterday, Blizzard updated the PC Public Test Realm (PTR) for Overwatch, which included a lot of new stuff for players to dig into, especially regarding the upcoming hero, Doomfist. The update added in all of the hero’s skins, emotes, voice lines, play of the game poses and more. Since I’ve been playing the PTR since he was released, I made a video showcasing all of the new items below.


I have to say, that while most characters have cheap (affordable 25 coin), color swap skins that I never typically want, Doomfist actually has some cool color swaps. On top of that, perhaps a first for me, is that I actually want a non-legendary skins, which only costs 250 coins, more than any other skin. Of course, I’m talking about the skin called painted (in the header), with the white tribal paint all over his body. Personally, to me, that is the best looking one. Others may prefer his “colossus” type skin. Either way, I think he has enough skins to make collectors happy. Sadly, there is no dance emote. 

What do you all think? Is Doomfist shaping up to be a more exciting new character than Anna, Sombra and Orisa? Leave us your thoughts down in the comments.