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BioWare puts Mass Effect on the Back Burner (Ruh-roh Shaggy)!

by on May 11, 2017

If you’re a gamer who peruses various gaming related websites, like Game Informer, IGN, Giant Bomb, Kotaku, Gamezone or even us, you’d know that when Mass Effect Andromeda was released back in March, it sort of fell flat. Actually, let’s be honest, it tripped over its shoelaces, fell, scuffed its knees, ripped its pants and busted out a few teeth upon impact. The game was a disaster overall. Sure, it had some good pieces, like beautiful environments and decent gunplay. But those two aspects couldn’t cover up the lacking and less than captivating story, really, really poor facial animations AND rendering, poor dialogue and voice acting, bugs, clipping issues and people falling through levels, it was just bad. We’ve talked about ad nauseum – if you want more on the game’s release debacle, just Google it.

All that being said, a new report from the folks at Kotaku say (according to an inside source) that BioWare isn’t going to follow up Andromeda right away, in fact, the Mass Effect property, is being put in the corner and is not allowed to turn around for a while. Ok, that’s a little harsh, but it’s mostly true, BioWare is just putting Mass Effect’s next installment on the back burner and will instead focus on other opportunities.

If you were one of those unfortunate souls (I kid) who purchased Mass Effect Andromeda and are wondering what this means for you and your game, breathe in, relax and breathe out. BioWare says the Montreal studio who produced Andromeda will continue to support the game with future updates (like the most recent one) that will further improve upon the game, while also transitioning its staff to support the new 2018 IP that BioWare continues to tease.

There you have it folks, was Mass Effect Andromeda a bomb? Well, Studios don’t put good games into a storage shed with cockroaches and dripping water to think about what they’ve done wrong, the grow their development team, expand their resources and dive headfirst into a follow-up. That’s not the case here, so, you draw your own conclusions, as for me, as I’ve said on our Facebook Page, on the Podcast and here on this website… Mass Effect Andromeda is… a…


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