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Avatar sequels 2,3,4,& 5 have officially been dated. Avatar what? Avatar who??

by on April 23, 2017

Who remembers that movie with that planet full of blue guys? Remember it had a bunch of humans in it and a bunch of space ships that designs were taken from a Halo game? Did you say Avatar? Alright! Good for you…wait a minute, not that Avatar!


I mean really, tell me you can name any of the characters of that movie without the use of Google or IMDB! I think not! Aside from the aliens being called the Na’vi (or is that the damn fairy from Zelda?) I can’t tell you anything other then the dude from Star Wars the Force Unleashed video game-Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, and Zoe Saldana are all in it. Truth be told I much more prefer my Zoe in green or mocha brown dressed in red Starfleet regulation bridge attire as opposed to blue…sorry not sorry.



And now we have confirmed that four direct sequels are on the way for the universe of Avatar. From Variety.com or whichever nerd site that you Google, the following has been released:

James Cameron and Fox have set the release dates for the four Avatar sequels, starting on Dec. 18, 2020, for Avatar 2. Avatar 3 will open  Dec. 17, 2021, followed by a three- year break for Avatar 4, set for Dec.20, 2024. Avatar 5, the final film in the series, will then open on Dec. 19, 2025. The news was announced on the movie’s official Facebook page on Saturday morning, along with a picture of Cameron and crew.

This is bananas! 20th Century has purchased the whole damn farm here! Talk about a bar of trust being set super high with James Cameron to deliver multiple sequels so far out from the original picture and hope that “WE THE PEOPLE” still care about this franchise by 2020, no less Christmas 2025. Then the bigger “I can’t believe my eyes” item relating to Avatar is the impending ‘World of Avatar’ which is being featured in Disney World’s Animal Kingdom theme park, which opens this May 27th, 2017 is said to of cost over 500 million to develop (wikipedia). The following is a conceptual video on the park’s vision and ideas via Youtube.

And here is a ABC news Florida affiliate showing us some actual in park footage and James Cameron giving us his take and incite on such a massive undertaking. Conceptually, Actuality, and Expectation delivery is unprecedented.

It sure does seem cool yet I am far from sold because… if you do the math on current Disney ticket prices in Florida (assuming you do not get a Florida resident special) range from 99.99-120.00 per ticket for just one day!!! Now, you know you have to bring the spouse, the kids, get a hotel, eat food, stay for more then one day because who the hell is going to go to Disney World for just these blue F******!!! Holy crapola is this going to get expensive. You executive’s again are banking big time on James and his vision. Let’s hope this all pulls together in a positive way and we, and all our theme parks, are still here come 2025 so we can see the full scope of his dream…which face it, is probably more along the lines of this…

I bet this is how the movie ends.

To be continued…if not forgotten.