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Wonder Woman – This movie was a big freaking pile of….

by Jsunon June 6, 2017
AWESOME!!! Sorry for the delay folks, between getting back from vacation and getting reacclimated again to my time zone… I also wanted to give everyone a sufficient amount of time to see this movie before the Frak cracked it open with all of the spoilers and big moments from the film! Also, about a week […]

Wonder Woman- Will she save the DCCU?

by Jsunon June 1, 2017
Well folks…it is almost here! The long awaited, deeply anticipated, and in many cases the historic cinematic debut of, Diana, Princess of Themyscira; who the world will soon re-know as WONDER WOMAN. Wonder Woman first appeared way-way back in 1941, at the time, her creation signified so much for women and our country, as well as defining the idea of […]

Movie Review – Alien Covenant

by Jsunon May 21, 2017
The Short version of the review for Ridley Scott’s long anticipated Alien Covenant is…. There is just one simple way of saying it. It is probably best to just yank the band-aid off! This movie OVERALL when said and done=SUCKS!!! Sure, it had its moments…and to give credit where credit is due (and with this […]

SNL Finale hosted by the Rock

by Jsunon May 21, 2017
Well the big SNL Finale is here! In a feat that few hosts have had the honor of accomplishing the Rock returns for a 5th time and featuring musical guest Katy Perry On the week in to this finale word hit the vine that SNL cast member Bobby Moynihan was leaving after 9 seasons, and also […]

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 full review!

by Jsunon May 7, 2017
GOTG VOL 2. was back in the best kind of way with a sort of a twist this time. You see the first movie was a very “unexpected” surprise for me, like so many of “us” I really did not know much about the Guardians…the expectation bar was pretty low, I mean a talking raccoon, […]

Avatar sequels 2,3,4,& 5 have officially been dated. Avatar what? Avatar who??

by Jsunon April 23, 2017
Who remembers that movie with that planet full of blue guys? Remember it had a bunch of humans in it and a bunch of space ships that designs were taken from a Halo game? Did you say Avatar? Alright! Good for you…wait a minute, not that Avatar!   I mean really, tell me you can […]

Fast & the Furious franchise set to end at 10!

by Jsunon April 23, 2017
Let me preface this story with telling you first that I have yet to see Fast and the Furious 8 aka F8te of the Furious. While this article will touch upon notable “NEWS” or rumors that involve the most recent film rest assured there are NO real SPOILERS here. There is one rumor mentioned later […]

2018-The year of the mutant

by Jsunon April 23, 2017
Holy Chimichangas!!! Some huge X-Universe news has just rolled out and 2018 will see the re-rise in some ways we (the fans) could say it is the re-booting of a franchise that we desperately need, the one that we in a bittersweet kind of way=all wanted. We will see next year 3 new X-universe movies […]

Nintendo is going to release a SNES classic!!!

by Jsunon April 19, 2017
Well fresh off the presses this morning is the news that Nintendo, the masters of brand new ideas, are bringing back to the masses the Super Nintendo console for the”retro re-boxing” treatment. (Sigh) In what seems to be another innovative new trend for this company following the most recent news of Nintendo ceasing production on […]

GotG Vol.2 post credit scene count is…

by Jsunon April 18, 2017
Fresh of the interwebs via the mouth of James Gunn himself is the awesome news of the amount of post credit scenes we are getting in just a few short weeks with the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. The count is 5!!! Yup, you read that right! Holy crap! This is the […]