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Amazon and Gamestop discount the Playstation VR sort of

by on May 3, 2017

Sony’s Playstation VR, or PSVR, is the best selling of all the VR setups, having sold over a million units, mainly because its price has been drastically cheaper than those for PC, not to mention there are 60 million PS4 owners who don’t have to buy new hardware to play it, unlike Vive and Oculus Rift owners, who need a powerful VR rig.

Up until now, the PSVR has been sold two ways, a standard base unit, with the headset and necessary cords and a bundle with the Playstation Eye ($59) and two Playstation Move controllers ($99) for a combo price of $499. Which isn’t that bad, when you factor in that the unit alone is $399, plus the $99 dollar controllers another $59 camera for a combined cost of $560 (rounded up of course) and that doesn’t include tax. To be fair, the combo also comes with a disc, featuring some cool VR content that players can enjoy.

Today, Amazon and Gamestop have both announced a newer bundle that packs in the $60 camera, at no cost. So for $399, you get the headset (wires and all) and the Playstation Eye camera. This is where the “sort of” discount comes into play. If you didn’t want  or plan to use the Playstation Move controllers, then yeah, this deal is great, you get a camera and a headset for only $399. However, if you did need the Move controllers and purchased them on your own, you’d essentially be paying the same $499 price tag as the full bundle with all of that together and the demo disk.

So it depends on how you look at it, is the new Eye Camera for free bundle worth it? Meh, maybe if they also included the demo disc, but chances are, you’ll need move controllers for some, if not all, of those games, so you’re right back to where you started, $500.

In any event, if you wanted the camera and headset, order online, from either Gamestop (not available in stores) or my choice, Amazon.

The choice is yours.