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Agents of Shield-Agents of Hydra

by on April 10, 2017

Season 4 episode 14- What If

ABC’s Agents of Shield, remember that show? Well guess what, it is still on the air and boy is it good! I know, I know, just hear me out for a minute though…

You see, most people I believe checked out of this show about two seasons ago. Mainly due to the disconnect from the MCCU; people want to see big names cross-over either from films or from Netflix one way or another. If “the powers that be” even sent Agent Coulson back to the big screen for 10 minutes to mix it up with Capt. America or something! Do the Avengers even know that their boy Phil is even alive? What the hell!  How about Coulson meeting Matt Murdock somewhere in Hell’s Kitchen? If anything remotely happened like that more people would start to care about this show. It is a shame that this will probably be cancelled soon and before the impending Infinity War just as things are really starting to shake up and get super interesting, again – Finally!

I say finally because the first half of the season was pretty dreadful with the introduction of the Ghost Rider. This was not the Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider that we are familiar with; someone else. The special effects were cool but I could not connect with the character and then you changed the time slot to 10pm which really sucks so here is another reason why people stopped caring.

The writers of this show, hats off to them for they are really bring a great arc to the table with the intro of the L.M.D.(Life Model Decoy) storyline. That is what is currently running and the show is just returning from a little hiatus that left most remaining members of the group jacked up into the Matrix(framework) and replaced with a LMD. Daisy and Jemma, are the only two members that are actively trying to undo all of the events that have led to this moment= A world that is run by Hydra and most of Shield including Jemma either dead or rewritten as Hydra members, mind wiped, or have yet to be shown.(Fitz is a evil Hydra doctor, Coulson is a amnesia of the reals- professor and Aida {Mallory Jensen} the LMD is Madame Hydra),

What a great episode! The acting chops of Elizabeth Henstridge as Jemma Simmons, man I tell ya! Her performance as usual was just awesome! I love this lady, she has been a shining spot on this show since the beginning! There were solid performances from the rest of the crew especially in the wake up in the morning moment of a depowered Skye played by Chloe Bennet (Daisy does not exist in this world) who is romantically involved again with; back from the dead- Agent Ward. Madame Hydra like Agent Smith finds out that they have awoken and destroys their only out or better yet their ability to wake up. These two agents are trapped and it is up to them to try to wake up all of their team without being spotted or killed, because if you die in the Matrix, then you die in the real world. Ha!

I’m not gonna spend too much time here or drop any spoilers just in case anybody does decide to go back a episode or four to get caught up to this point. It is definitely worth the time and the state in which the team is left in by the end of this episode, sure seems to be setting the season for all sorts of swerves and surprises to come! You never know who is real or who is a L.M.D.!?

Hopefully a renewal and a tie-into Thor-Ragnarok or direct cross-over involvement with the Inhumans project which will be launching on ABC soon is in this series future.
Yea, right!

This episode gets a 9 out of 10!