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After family tragedy, Zack Snyder leaves Justice League, Joss Whedon to finish the film

by on May 23, 2017

Man, the hits just keep coming…

So last night the film world received yet another blow, I’m just at a loss of words here. Zack Snyder, the man who rebooted Superman in the Man of Steel, put Batman and Superman in a fight on the big screen for the first time and who was in the middle of filming Justice League announced that he was stepping away from the project due to family complications.

While there are tons of “haters” who were thrilled at the news, Snyder’s decision to step away from the film is absolutely heart-breaking. Back in March, his daughter who was only 20-years old committed suicide. Snyder and his wife, also a producer on his films, had keep this news mostly private, to the point that fans and moviegoers didn’t even know it. That apparently, was the plan all along. But all that grief eventually took its toll on Snyder and the fact that he has seven other children who needed him at home, to help cope with this tragedy, is all the more gut wrenching.

For those of you who continue to trash Snyder, you need to check yourselves. This man lost his 20-year old daughter back in March, yet he continued to work on the film, for you, the fans, until he just couldn’t do it anymore. Then WB said they’d delay the film to work with the director, but Zack and his wife said no, that’s not fair to you and the other fans. If you hated Snyder’s vision, the man himself or what he was doing with the DC universe, you need to step back and see the heart that his man had for what he was doing and why he was doing it. If you have kids, then I think you could begin to understand what he must have been dealing with, if you don’t have kids, imagine your parents dying tragically and your “fans” expect you to produce and direct a film, without missing a beat.

While you may not have agreed with Snyder’s choice or direction of the DCEU, you can’t deny the fact that his vision has given us, the fans, the best, most authentic page to screen adaptation of our favorite trinity of heroes. Cavill is the most physical and accurate Superman we’ve seen to date, his size and muscle are like he was brought to life from the comic. His face and performance give Superman a human quality that lacked in the Reeves films, which man Superman feel campy. Cavill brings the hero alive, not just the suit and cape and idea a man can fly. Snyder also casted Ben Affleck, which was lauded as a joke, yet ended up giving us the best Dark Knight ever seen on film. It was Snyder, who for the first time, showed us how Batman should fight on screen in that warehouse battle. Batfleck has become the pinnacle of how Batman should be on screen. Lastly, Gal Gadot, as Wonder Woman. Again, she was mocked for being too skinny, not having large enough breasts for the role and people her accent would be distracting and that she hasn’t had enough acting experience to play Wonder Woman. Yet, she stole the show in Batman v Superman. Some consider her the best part, even over Batfleck. Now her performance in Wonder Woman, due out next month, is being called perfection as the Amazonian. It was Snyder who saw their talent and helped bring them to the big screen. You may not have liked the script and story, but Snyder’s casting and more importantly, his visual storytelling should never be in question. He’s a master at visual effects and artistic direction.

With Snyder stepping down, Warner Bros. had to find a more than suitable replacement to fill in and finish the job, and they did with Joss Whedon. If you’re unfamiliar with Whedon, you need to do some Googling, son. Whedon is famous for his geeky roots and love of comics. Having created and directed some of the biggest, most geekiest and popular franchises, ever. FireFly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, The Cabin in the Woods, The AVENGERS (the best superhero movie so far), Avengers: Age of Ultron, the upcoming Batgirl, oh and yeah, he wrote the screenplay for TOY STORY, fucking TOY STORY. So yeah, the dude is good.

When you consider the man that united the Avengers for Marvel is taking over the Justice League film, it’s like some crazy alternate universe, it boggles the mind. I have no doubt that Whedon will do the project, ahem, justice (pun intended). My only concern is if Justice League is a success and is a turn about 180 for the DCEU, that Whedon doesn’t get all the credit, that Snyder who has done almost all the work, is credited for having listen to the fans and delivered a great film. That being said, if the movie bombs, then yes, he should also receive the same level of criticism as well. But I’m staying optimistic. With Wonder Woman already receiving great, positive feedback and buzz, I’m hoping Geoff Johns, Ben Affleck and Snyder have all listened to the fans and have done what needed to be done to Justice League. With Whedon on board, I’m sure he’ll also manage to add some of his great writing and levity to the project for those additional scene as well.

All in all, this is a horrible situation, but thankfully, there are some positives to take away. I hope Snyder is able to take the time he needs to be with his family and when he’s ready, he returns to making films. For now, it looks like the DC Comics Extended Universe is in good hands.