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2018-The year of the mutant

by on April 23, 2017

Holy Chimichangas!!! Some huge X-Universe news has just rolled out and 2018 will see the re-rise in some ways we (the fans) could say it is the re-booting of a franchise that we desperately need, the one that we in a bittersweet kind of way=all wanted.

We will see next year 3 new X-universe movies as well as the Fox Tv’s X-Men’ish show entitled “Gifted”. According to the movie release blue-print the first film to arrive is right around the corner in The New Mutants.

New Mutants-4/13/2018

Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber, the writing team behind the adaptation of The Fault in Our Stars and The Spectacular Now, are working on the script for New Mutants, Fox’s X-Men spinoff according to multiple news sources. The move re-teams the duo with Josh Boone — the Fault in Our Stars filmmaker who is directing Fox’s take on the Marvel property.

The New Mutants is possibly the most interesting and bankable group of characters to put together for a movie. This is a proverbial melting pot of power, diversity, and different breed of hero who have trained under many different prominent X-heroes (Professor X & Cable) and villains alike (Magneto). Here is a quick break down of the core members and expected roster for movie.

Dani Moonstar/ Psyche– a proud Native American of Cherokee descent. She uses her mental-based powers to manifest images of others’ greatest desires and/or fears to stop her foes in their tracks. She generally is calm, cool, and collective in nature. She has natural born leadership qualities and shares the role as team leader of the New Mutants with Cannonball.

Sam Guthrie/ Cannonball– yep, you guessed it…he shoots cannonballs out of the orifice of his choosing…no, not true.(making sure you are paying attention) He has ability to propel his body at cannonball like speed and force at the same time creating a impenetrable force field around him pre-impact or invulnerability when taking flight. Think bunker buster with his head.

Rahne Sinclair/Wolfsbane – this fiery red-headed Scottish girl in Rahne who has the power to transform into a red-beast of a wolf. This wouldn’t of been such a problem if not for being raised by a religious fanatic. Yea there was a exorcism attempt which went very bad and long story short that is how she met this merry band of misfits. The rumors that have circulated for a while that have put fellow GOT alumni and the sister who has no name anymore- Arya ‘Maisie Williams’ Stark at the top of that said list actresses.

Roberto DeCosta /Sunspot– Spoiled rich quick tempered snot who is a brazilian born soccer star with the power of solar absorption and increased strength.The more solar energy he soaks in like a sponge the stronger he becomes…let that sink in. He might be an a**hole but his powers and look are friggin incredible. Visually I can’t wait to see how they pull this off! Please do not cast Fez in this role!

Illyana Rasputin /Magik- of all the characters; she has the most potential to bridge together the different X-properties and Avenger story arcs. The sister of Pitor Rasputin/ Colossus who was kidnapped and spent a total of 6 years in Limbo during which she would learn valuable skills and abilities taught to her by different teachers that would help her in becoming the future Sorceress Supreme & Ruler of Limbo, she is a sword wielding, portal opening, necromancing, astral projecting, mind controlling, inter-dimensional traveling, dark force manipulating, construct creating badass and all of that is not including what that Soul Sword of hers can allow her to do.

Xi’an Coy Mahn/ Karma– she is a mutant who has the ability to mentally posses other beings. A survivor of the Vietnam war and brandishing a cybernetic leg she is also one of the few openly lesbian characters in X-history. If you were to follow comic lore this girl early traces of her go back to Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four. As you all know that franchise (FF) has been destroyed by the super-villain Greed and sidekick Terrible Casting. I would not be surprised if finally they attempt to bridge these two iconic teams together at some point and inevitably reboot that for the third time.

Sure there are lots of other New Mutants I would anticipate to cameo if not play a integral role in setting up the future of this franchise and breathe fresh life back into our beloved X-men universe. Less then one year to go on this one, we will keep you posted on roster updates.

Deadpool 2  6/1/2018


So, unless you have been living in a cave somewhere and have yet to see the first Deadpool movie which to date has racked in (according to www.thenumbers.com) worldwide at the box office=$783,770,709 & the at home sales total=$90,585,223 it was pretty F@#$ing clear a sequel was very well deserving and coming quicker than a bathroom break from eating a shady food trucks’  3 for 1 bean burrito special on a taco tuesday.

Ryan Reynolds; El Jefe himself of course returns as well as not so recent news of the casting of fan favorite Domino from Atlanta fame Zazie Beets to the most recent and surprising development that Thanos actor and “never say die” Goonie for life- Josh Brolin has been cast as timeline displaced son of Scott ‘Cyclops” Summers and Jean ‘Phoenix’ Grey-Summers and (multi-timed) New Mutant and X-Force leader Cable. I as well as the world hope that Marvel, Fox, and the powers that be are really cooking up something amazing for the conclusion of finale of Infinity War since all of these heroes paths have crossed so awesomely in the comics; Sigh…don’t hold your breath.

If you are remotely familiar with the comics then you know we have absolutely NO IDEA what could happen aside from a tremendous amount of profanity, blood spilling, sexual innuendos, gunfights, sword slicing, gut busting laughs, and hopefully more Negasonic Teenage Warhead. With Colossus being such a big role in the first and his sister being a New Mutant and all of the talk of blowing up a mansion or 10 we should be in for a treat!

Xmen Dark Phoenix – to be released 11/2/2018

Attached to this movie again is Simon Kinberg. WHAT THE FRAK!!! Whoever has decided to give this guy another shot at this after the two previous disasters of (most recently) X-men Apocalypse- I don’t forgive you and neither does Olivia Munn and from every Psylocke fan in the world-F*** You sir!!! Let us try to forget that he had full creative control over what was almost the nail in the X-coffin with 2006’s X-Men the Last Stand…fyi fun screw you fun fact-Psylocke was cast in that movie too…

PLEASE SLAP SOMEONE!!! Is there no other directors that have interest? Really?

Sansa “Sophie” Stark reprises role as Jean Grey and quite possibly the only current good news of this films birth is the omega level telepath who eventually becomes this malevolently evil cosmic entity with limitless power whose main hobby is devouring galaxies and killing all of the x-men to become even more of a problem to your day. She is a bad bad guy who eventually was put down by Logan in the Last Stand. Since Logan aka the Wolverine has been taken off of the board completely it should be interesting who will be the person to bring back Jean to reality.

I am always excited when it comes to X-men and really enjoyed a huge chunk of the films that have released so far…I just (as of now) can’t get behind this one especially, with this jabroni attached to it! There is plenty of casting to happen and lots of things can change from here till then. I am pretty confident I will flip flop on this multiple times this year! LOL!

With any hope we see the return of X-23 as a roster member and I personally believe Olivia Munn should get a do-over. X-Force for the win!!!

As always the Frak will keep you posted!